And from hope, springs eternal sadness.

And from hope, springs eternal sadness.

Le genou de Claire (1970)
Eric Rohmer


The Beauty of Freedom

The Beauty of Freedom

“I think we’re always responsible for our actions. We’re free. I raise my hand – I’m responsible. I turn my head to the right – I’m responsible. I’m unhappy – I’m responsible. I smoke a cigarette – I’m responsible. I shut my eyes – I’m responsible. I forget that I’m responsible, but I am. I told you escape is a pipe dream. After all, everything is beautiful. You only have to take an interest in things, see their beauty. It’s true. After all, things are just what they are. A face is a face. Plates are plates. Men are men. And life…is life.”

Vivre Sa Vie (1962)

Jean-Luc Godard